Tolling on WestConnex

WestConnex is being built using finance from the Australian and NSW governments and the private sector. 

WestConnex will be funded by motorists using distance-based tolling, similar to the M7. This means motorists will pay tolls only for the sections of motorway they use. Tolls for the entire WestConnex will be capped at a maximum amount ($9.30), for fairness. Free, alternative routes will be available for those not wanting to pay a toll.

Trucks will pay more than cars – as is the case for most other motorways in Sydney – reflecting the greater wear and tear trucks have on the motorway.

A distance-based toll applies on the New M4 between Parramatta and Homebush. For more details about the tolls, visit the M4 toll page.

Tolls will only begin on the other stages of WestConnex when they open to traffic. 

Project Open to traffic Section Maximum Distance (Kms)Maximum toll*Traffic per day in 2031**
M4 Widening Now openParramatta (Church Street) to Homebush (Homebush Bay Drive)7.42$4.93163,800
M4 East2019Homebush (Homebush Bay Drive) to Haberfield (Parramatta Road and City West Link)6.07$4.27132,400
New M52020Beverly Hills (King Georges Road) to St Peters (St Peters Interchange)11.03$6.6937,200
M5 East 2020Beverly Hills to General Holmes Drive   $6.6949,300
M4-M5 Link2023Haberfield to St Peters 7.02$4.74***105,000
Cap      $9.30  

All tolls are calculated using a 'flagfall' of $1.32 and then $0.49 per kilometre. All amounts are in 2019 dollars. Maximum toll for WestConnex New M4 (Parramatta to Haberfield) = $7.89. Maximum capped toll for entire WestConnex = $9.30. *For passenger vehicles only. **Source: Table 10.1, WestConnex Updated Strategic Business Case – November 2015 (forecast average weekday traffic volumes – includes both directions). ***Future toll price was updated in 2018 following the finalisation of the Project Deed for this stage of the WestConnex motorway.

Toll increases 

After tolling starts, indexation of prices will be consistent for all WestConnex projects. There will be a maximum increase of four per cent or the consumer price index (CPI) per annum – whichever is greater – until 2040. After that, CPI will apply. 

Element 2019 $
Toll per km $0.49
Toll cap $9.30
Truck multiplierx3
Escalation Minimum of 4% or CPI whichever is greater 
Concession term To 2060