How to pay M4 tolls

Linkt accounts and passes can be used to pay for WestConnex M4 tolls. If you already have an account, your travel will be covered.

Otherwise, you can buy a pass within 3 days of travel. 

If you're planning future travel on Sydney toll roads, you can open a Tag account or Tagless account, or buy a Sydney Pass. With all our products you'll be covered for trips on all toll roads in Australia.

Travelled recently and need to pay a toll?

If you haven’t received a toll notice yet, you have payment options to choose from, depending on how long ago you travelled.

If you have a toll notice, transfer it to a valid toll account by the due date to reduce your admin fee. To do this:

1. Check the vehicle and payment details on your toll account are correct and your account is now active. If you don’t have a toll account, open a Tag account or Tagless account.

2. Transfer this toll notice to your tag account via the My E-Toll website. To transfer this toll notice to a tagless account, you’ll need to get in touch with your toll provider directly.

Frequent toll road traveller?

You might be eligible for free rego through Service NSW’s Toll Relief program. Toll Relief is provides free vehicle rego for drivers who’ve spent $1,300 or more on tolls in the previous financial year. Also from 1 July 2019, drivers who spend $15 or more a week on tolls will be eligible for half-priced vehicle registration. Visit Service NSW for more information.