WestConnex supports and encourages community involvement ​​​​​​

In working with stakeholders and the community, we always endeavour to:

  • make the most of all opportunities to involve local communities and stakeholders in the project
  • arrange engagement activities at times and places that are convenient for the community and stakeholders, and provide online options
  • respond to reasonable requests for additional engagement activities and information
  • acknowledge and understand diverse views on the project
  • use feedback to positively influence the project.

In support of our WestConnex consultation program, we have: 

  • distributed more than a million community updates to homes and businesses 
  • hosted more than 55 community information sessions for people to talk directly with project experts
  • held about 510 briefings, including council briefings and meetings with property owners and key stakeholders.

Get involved in building your community’s future

Each WestConnex project includes key periods of community consultation, but we welcome your ideas and feedback any time. 

Share your views face-to-face

You can help us deliver the best project for Sydney’s future by telling us your thoughts, ideas and priorities – face-to-face. Our community engagement team is here to listen.

We regularly invite the local community and stakeholders to our information sessions, giving you the opportunity to learn more about WestConnex, ask questions and provide feedback 

Members of the local community can also drop into our information centres, which are open from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm.