New M5 Air Quality Community Consultative Committee

Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) established the New M5 Air Quality Community Consultative Committee (AQCCC) in September 2017 to provide input and advice on the location of air quality monitoring locations and related air quality issues. Notes and presentations from the AQCCC meetings are available to view below.

Meeting 1 - Tuesday 19 September 2017

Meeting 2 - Tuesday 17 October 2017

Meeting 3 - Monday 5 March 2018

Meeting 4 - Monday 10 September 2018

About the AQCCC

The WestConnex New M5 tunnel ventilation systems are designed to take all air emissions from the tunnel, providing for a zero emissions tunnel portal.

In accordance with condition of approval B9, SMC must establish an AQCCC prior to finalising the detailed design of the New M5.

The AQCCC’s role is to provide advice on the location of the air quality monitoring stations and to provide advice and input on the operation environmental management plans and other operational documents, compliance tracking reporting, audit reports, complaints relating to air quality, and dissemination of monitoring results, prior to and during the operation of the New M5.

The AQCCC is not a decision-making or regulatory body, and instead performs an advisory and consultative role.

The AQCCC must meet at least four times a year from establishment until up to two years from the commencement of New M5 operation. Community representatives are only required to attend the AQCCC when considering matters relevant to their respective areas

SMC appointed an independent chairperson in consultation with the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E).

For more information, please refer to the New M5 AQCCC Terms of Reference.